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   Screw Knob Quick Shoe, Long York type

   · Markins VR Holder is designed to reduce vibration.
   · It fits universally with SLR cameras with battery grip.
   · It is easy to achieve balance with 12cm long dovetail.

 Clamp Style  Screw Knob Style
 Weight  320 g
 Dimension (LxWxH)  240 x 90 x 80 mm
 Fit  SLR Cameras with battery grip, Flagship body
Markins Q10 Red + VR-15LS +Sony 300mm
  • Universal design to work with most lenses
  • Enhances stability and reduces vibration
  • It won't work well with the most L-brackets in the market since they have left-right dovetal direction.
  • It can move the mini quick shoe to forward, backward for balance with your instruments.
<VR Holder DEMO using Laser Vibrometer>