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     Q-Ball Q3i-TrPs Traveler with Panorama Quick shoe

   · Innovative design greatly reduces size and weight. (Patent Pending)
   · Compatible with any Arca-Swiss type camera plates
   · The Quick-Turn knob opens or closes the clamp by one turn. (Patented)
   · DDL Mechanism-Enhanced locking by double wedge lock (Patented)

 Camera Connection  Panorama Quick shoe (QR-65P)
 Maximum Load  30 kg
 Maximum Torque  150 kgf·cm
 Weight  454 g
 Height  98 mm
 Housing Diameter  48 mm
 Base Diameter  50 mm
 Ball Diameter  38 mm
 Friction Control  Bi-Axial Progressive
 Tripod Mount Hole  3/8"-16 UNC