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  ■ Markins Products Purchased on eBay
Markins products purchased on eBay carry no manufacturer's warranty. All returns, exchanges,
refunds, or repairs should be referred back to the origin of purchase.

  ■ When will my order be shipped?
All orders for in-stock items will be shipped the same day or the next business day depending
on the time of your order.

  ■ What is "hard anodizing"?
Unlike other competitors' products, which lose the finish with ease, the secret of Markins products of
maintaining the beautiful satin finish for years and years is in hard anodizing process.
The hard anodization process alters and hardens the structure of the metal surface itself, making it incredibly
abrasion and scratch resistant unlike "soft anodized" surface used by other ballhead manufacturers.
Due to the nature of the process it is very difficult to control the exact thickness of the finish.
As a result, it is very difficult to obtain the desired precision required for a professional grade ballhead.
We believe it is one of the reasons that others shuns from this process in spite of the benefits.
Also, it tells Markins' superior engineering capabilities.

  ■ How to use the "torque limit dial "?
Simply, the torque limit dial is to set a limit for the main tension knob to be loosened or unscrewed.
Mount your body/lens on the ballhead and adjust the big main tension knob so that you have enough
tension to support you body/lens but still can move and rotate it. Then using your thumb, screw in and
tighten the torque limit dial. Now, a limit is set in such a way that the main tension knob won't be
loosened or unscrewed over the set limit to protect you body/lens from accidental sudden drop or flop.
You may change this limit as you change your body and/or lens.